Enko Factory Building

Our business is our family’s tradition. The roots of ENKO goes back to 1868, this is when our ancestor JAK TARANTO started his small spice & dried fruit manufacturing business in İzmir/Turkey. His son LEON TARANTO decided to continue his father’s path while their company name became JAK TARANTO & FILS.

From old archives we find out they made a joint venture with ELIEZER KAPOUYA. LEAN TARANTO’s two sons IJEKTO (Izak) TARANTO and YEHOSHUA (Joe) TARANTO worked temporarily in the company. They later immigrated to Israel in 60'ies to work in a bank. IJECTO stayed in the spice business until Leon Taranto passed away (1980).

AVRAM AJI the son-in law of the family who is a chemical engineer, took over the company in 1980 restructuring it. He applied ISO quality standards in the production, started the Organic business while building the manufacturing site (factory) that now ENKO stands in Pınarbaşı/İzmir.

Finally AVRAM’s older son SABI AJI after his graduation from university joined in year 2001. Sabi after having worked several years in the company decided to study the theory of “International Trade” and got his master’s degree. He is now managing the company and attending most of the international food exhibitions


Dried figs , laurel leaves, sun dried tomatoes, dried fruits herbs and spicies, medicinal plants