Licorice Roots

Butcher's Broom Roots

Name of Drug
Rusci aculeati rhizoma, butcher's broom.

Composition of Drug
Butcher's broom consists of the dried rhizome and root of Ruscus aculeatus L. [Fam. Liliaceae], as well as its preparations in effective dosage. The drug contains the steroid saponins ruscin and ruscoside.


Supportive therapy for discomforts of chronic venous insufficiency, such as pain and heaviness, as well as cramps in the legs, itching, and swelling. Supportive therapy for complaints of hemorrhoids, such as itching and burning.


None known.

Side Effects

In rare cases, gastric disorders or nausea may occur.

Interactions with Other Drugs
None known.

Unless otherwise prescribed:

Daily dosage:

Raw extract, equivalent to 7 - 11 mg total ruscogenin (determined as the sum of neoruscogenin and ruscogenin obtained after fermentation or acid hydrolysis).

Mode of Administration
Extracts and their preparations for internal use.

In animal experiments:
Increase in venous tone
Electrolyte-like reaction on the cell wall of capillaries



Dried figs , laurel leaves, sun dried tomatoes, dried fruits herbs and spicies, medicinal plants