The "history of ENKO" starts in 1868 with JAK TARANTO in İzmir.

That time Turkish Dried Fruits were very popular in Europe.His son LEON TARANTO took over the company afterwards while the company name became JAK TARANTO & FILS Not much information is available from these days .

The only paper available is the partnership they made that time with ELIEZERKAPOUYA.His two sons IJEKTO (Izak)TARANTO and YEHOSHUA (Joe) TARANTO worked temporary in the company.The latter immigrated to Israel in 60'ies to work in Bank. Ijecto stayed in the spice business until Leon Taranto passed away.

AVRAM AJI took over the company in 1980 restructuring it. His son SABI AJI joined in 2001 who is now managing the company.


Dried figs , laurel leaves, sun dried tomatoes, dried fruits herbs and spicies, medicinal plants