Laurel Berry Oil - "L'Huile Baie De Laurier"

The laurel berry is the fruit of the Laurel (bay) tree, which are native to the Mediterranean region.

Like the leaves, the laurel berries are aromatic and slightly bitter in taste. Typically, the dried fruit contains 0.6 to 10% of essential oil. In a similar manner to the leaves, their aroma is mainly due to the presence of terpenes (cineol, terpineol, ?- and ß-pinene, citral), though the presence of cinnamic acid and its methyl ester have also been reported.

The fatty oil is mainly composed of triglycerides of lauric acid (dodecanoic acid), myristic acid (tetradecanoic acid) and elaic acid.

In our region every year during months of October / November, local families in the Toros mountains collect the berries of Laurel (Bay) trees around their villages and they produce the fatty oil in their authentic way. The Laurel (Bay) Berry oil is used mainly in the soap production, specifically Aleppo soap.

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